How to Configure Sidebar Widgets?

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You can add the widgets to the sidebar in two ways– via Dashboard and Customizer.

Adding Widgets via Customizer

  • Go to Appearance> Customize> Widgets
  • Make sure you are on the page you want to add widgets to.
  • Click on the desired Sidebar or location (the one you want to add widgets to). You can add widgets on Footer as well.
  • Click on Add a Widget to add widgets
  • Select desired Widgets and give a title to the widget.
  • Click Add a Widget to add more widgets in the sidebar
  • Drag and reorder the widget as desired
  • Click Publish

Configure sidebar widgets from customizer blossom themes

Adding Widgets via Dashboard

  • Go to Appearance> Widgets
  • Available widgets are listed on the left-hand side while Sidebars are listed on the right side (including the sidebars you create)
  • Drag and drop the widgets to the desired sidebars. Or, click on the widget and select the sidebar you want to add the widget to.

Configure sidebar widgets from dashboard

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