What are the Recommended Image Sizes?

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Please make sure that the image you use on your website is of the given sizes:

  • Single Post Layout One: 1903 X 843 px
  • Single Post Layout Two: 780 X 673 px
  • Single Post Layout Three: 1170 X 600px
  • Single Post Layout Four: 780 X 673 px
  • Single Post Layout Five: 1170 X 600 px
  • Single Post Layout Six: 1920 X 550px
  • Destination Page Template header image: 1920 X 600px
  • Other Pages Header Image: 1920 X 360px

Please upload the image of the recommended size based on the single layout you have chosen for your blog post.

Note: The header image for archive pages adjust based on the length of the archive description.

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