How to Configure Banner Section?

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You can choose a static image, video, or a slider as your banner. The banner will be displayed at the top of your website.

To set up your banner:

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Front Page Settings > Banner Section.
  • Choose either Static/Video Newsletter Banner, Banner as Slider,  or Disable Banner Section (if you do not want a banner). 

Static/Video Newsletter Banner

Note: If you have added a video, the image will not be displayed. You can either use an image or a video in the banner section at a time. In the mobile view, the video will not be displayed to save bandwidth, instead, the fallback image will be displayed. So we recommend you to add a banner image as well.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Front Page Settings > Banner Section.
  • Choose Static/Video Newsletter Banner in the Banner Options.
  • Click on Select video to upload the video of your choice in the Banner Section or you can also add the Youtube URL for a video.
  • If you want to display a static image, click on Add New Image to upload the desired image on the banner section.
  • Enter the Newsletter Shortcode to display the Newsletter on the banner section.
  • Click Publish. 

Banner as Slider

Note: Before you choose Latest Posts or Category in the Slider Content Style, make sure that you have created these beforehand. You can create Posts via Posts > Add New, Category via Posts > Categories. If there are not enough Posts or Categories a grey fallback image will appear in the Banner Section.

  • Go to Appearance >  Customize > Front Page Settings > Banner Section.
  • Choose Banner as Slider in the Banner Options.
  • Select either Latest Posts or Category in the Slider Content Style. In this theme, you can even make your own Custom Slider.
  • Different options are displayed based on the option you choose on the Slider Content Style.
  • Control the number of slides to be displayed through the Number of Slides option.
  • Enable Slider Auto for the auto transition of the slider.
  • Enable Slider Loop for the continuation of the slider.
  • Enable Slider Caption to display text on the slider.
  • Select the animation of the slider through the Slider Animation option.
  • Enter the title of the read more button in the Slider Read More field.
  • Click Publish.

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