How to Configure Shop Settings on the Homepage?

Shop section demo

Fashion Stylist Free WordPress Theme is fully compatible with the popular WooCommerce plugin to allow you to create an online shop and sell your products.

This theme features 2-dedicated sections on the homepage which allow you to display your fashion products and sell them via your website.

Please follow the below steps to configure the shop section.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > General Settings > Shop Settings 
  • Enable Shopping Cart to display the cart icon in the header
  • Enable Shop Page Description to show shop page description
  • Enable Shop Section to display shop section below the featured section on the homepage.
  • Enter the Shop Section Title and Content
  • Select the number of products you want to display in the shop section.
  • Enable Bottom Shop Section to display shop section below blog posts.
  • Enter the Bottom Shop Section Title.
  • Select Product Category. 
  • Click on Publish

Configure shop settings

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