What are the Recommended Image Sizes?

Please use the images of the following sizes (in px) with Vilva theme.

  • slider: 1220 X 600
  • featured Area: 420 x 316
  • Full width Single Post:1220 X 600
  • Single Post with Sidebar:840 X 473
  • Sticky post: 900 X 500

Note: When you upload an image, it is automatically cropped to the recommended size. In the Pro theme, you can enable/disable the automatic cropping of your images of blog post(home,archive and search) and single post.

To Enable/Disable Automatic Image Cropping.

  • Go to Appearance> Customize> General Settings> Posts(Blog) & Pages Settings
  • Select the “Single Post Image Crop” to avoid automatic cropping of featured images in single post.
  • Click on Publish.

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