How to Activate Theme License?

You need to activate the theme license to receive theme updates and get quick support from our support team. We update our theme on a regular basis to solve compatibility issues, fix bugs, make the theme more secure and even to add extra features.

In order to activate theme license of a premium theme, you need to install the premium theme first.

Please follow the below video guide to Activate Blossom Theme installed on your WordPress website:

Step-by-step guide to activate the theme license

1. Go to Appearance > Getting Started (Premium theme must be activated)

2. On the right side, enter your license key and click on Save Changes. The page will reload. (The license key is sent in the purchase receipt email. You can also find your theme license key from your profile on Blossom Themes.)

3. Click on Activate License and your theme license will be activated.

If you face any issue with your license key activation, please contact our support team.

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