How to Configure Top Bar?

You can add a notification bar to the top of your site.

You can either refer to the video or follow the below instructions.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > General Settings > Top Bar Settings.
  • Enable the blue button for Enable Top Bar.
  • select the Top bar Type.
  • If Button Link is selected
    • Enter the text in the Notification Text.
    • Enter the text in the Notification Button Label.
    • Enter the Link in the Notification Button Link.
    • Enable/ Disable the button for Enable to open in new window.
    • Select the color of the Top Bar and the Font on the Top Bar.
  • Click Publish
  • If Newsletter is selected.
    • Enter the Shortcode in the Header Newsletter Shortcode
  • Click Publish

To extract the shortcode of the newsletter, you need to have BlossomThemes Email Newsletter plugin installed and activated for this setting.

You can add a subscription form on the newsletter section of your website from here. To add a newsletter, you need to create a newsletter first and copy & paste the newsletter shortcode.

Creating Newsletters

  • Go to BlossomThemes Email Newsletter > Add New
  • Enter the title for the newsletter.
  • Select the options on the Field Settings. Select “Name and Email” if you want users to enter their Name and Email to subscribe to your newsletters, otherwise select “Email”.
  • Enter Name and Email placeholder.
  • Enter the label for Submit button.
  • Enter Form note. The note will be displayed below the Title.
  • From the Appearance Settings, edit the appearance of the newsletter form.
  • Click on Publish to create the newsletter

Configuring Newsletters

  • Go to BlossomThemes Email Newsletter > Settings
  • Select the email platform.
  • Enter the API key of the email platform.
  • Select the mailing list in the List Id field.
  • Select whether to display Popup text of Page when a visitor subscribes to your newsletter. If you select popup text, enter the message. If you select page, select the page you want to show.
  • Click Save Changes.

Adding Newsletter on the Newsletter section

  • Go to Appearance > Customize > General Settings > Newsletter Settings
  • Enable Newsletter Section. Blue is enabled.
  • Enter the shortcode of the newsletter form you want to show. You can find the shortcode on the left-hand side of the newsletter.
  • Click Publish.
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