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Note: Before you choose Latest Posts, Category, or Page in the Slider Content Style, make sure that you have created these beforehand. You can create Posts via Posts > Add New, Category via Posts > Categories and Pages via Pages > Add New. If there are not enough Posts, Categories or Pages, a grey fallback image will appear in the Banner Section.

  • Go to Appearance >  Customize > Front Page Settings > Banner Section.
  • Choose Banner as Slider in the Banner Options.
  • Select either Latest Posts, Category, Pages, Latest Recipes, Recipe Course, Recipe Cuisine or Custom in the Slider Content Style. In this theme, you can even make your own Custom Slider.
  • If you select Recipe Cuisine or Recipe Course then also select the cuisine or course that you want to display on the Slider Recipe Cuisine/Course option.
  • Enable Show Date to show the posted date on the slider.
  • Enable Slider Auto for the auto transition of the slider.
  • Enable Slider Loop for the continuation of the slider.
  • Enable Slider Caption to display text on the slider.
  • Enable Full Image to display the full image on the slider..
  • Select the animation of the slider through the Slider Animation option.
  • Select the speed of the slider.
  • Click Publish.
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