How to Optimize your Website Performance?

You can Enable performance settings to make your website load fast. You have options to enable/disable following performance metrics.

  • Lazy Load
  • Lazy Load Content Images
  • Lazy Load Gravatar
  • Defer JavaScript
  • Remove ver parameters
  • Locally Host Google Fonts

To change the Performance Settings

  • Log in to WordPress Admin Panel.
  • Go to Appearance > Customize > Performance Settings
  • Enable Lazy Load to enable lazy loading of featured images.
  • Enable Lazy Load Content Images to enables lazy loading of images inside page/post content.
  • Enable Lazy Load Gravatar to enables lazy loading of gravatar images.
  • Enable/Disable Defer JavaScript
  • Enable/Disable Remove ver parameters to remove the “ver” parameter from CSS and JS file calls
  • Enable Locally Host Google Fonts to store the fonts locally.
  • Click Publish.

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